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The most important aspect of the unity is our investment in an independent client facing division Colourscapes, who focus on the harmonisation of client services, being responsible for areas of new product development, regulatory conformity, application controls & international distribution.


Our ideas of client deliverables include product performance and consistency, regulatory conformity, economy, and continuity of supply. Colourscapes has been assembled with these values in mind.


With the current chemical supply shortages from China, we feel in particular India has a larger part to play, so we intend to embrace this opportunity through a campaign of new product development which we will be expanding from our Indian platforms in a technically professional way. Meanwhile China still has a strong part to play and we will continue to include our Chinese products to broaden our range.

Our clients can rest content that we are more sustainable due to our multi-location manufacturing.


We employ global sourcing specialists, whether it be for materials used in our manufacture or finding complementing technologies for customers when supplies are tight. In all cases we can declare product origin and we take responsibility for quality & conformity.